The Society for the Active, the Curious, the Adventurous
- the society for You!

When - many years from now - we summarise our lives in a rocking chair with a very dry martini well at hand, we should be able to say "yes, we did it" - instead of asking ourselves: "why didn't we do it?"

This is a no-regrets-society for friends of all kinds and of all nationalities.

Many are the activities which are being planned and will be carried out in small groups - 6 - 20 people - on a first come, first served basis. You can of course join the various activities alone or you can join with a partner.

We are planning to arrange a number of different activities during the year and top-people will be engaged to lead the activities.

Are you ready to join? Are you ready to live? You will be among friends in a wonderful world!

Membership will be at the discretion of the founders.

Looking very much forward to your comments and to hearing from you.

Switzerland, October 2013

For The Dilettante Society

Yours Sincerely,

Ted Wachtmeister & Anders Biorck


Why join?


The activities mentioned are just what first came into our minds. The activities that will be "executed" depends on the members. Your suggestions!

If you have a crazy idea, you are most likely not alone, and our mission is to find the team that will accompany you.

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